Happily Adopted!

Valentino is one of those horses that you just have to wonder how they ended up in the slaughter pipeline.  He is uncomplicated, non-reactive, gentle and willing.  We've not noted anything negative about him at all other than he is a bit evasive when catching him and this is changing daily.  We suspect this is due to some unkind treatment in his past and who can blame him?!  Valentino is cautious of your intentions, waiting to be thumped on.  We are working to gain his trust that he will never be hurt again, and we've seen him respond with a soft eye and gentle blowing.  Valentino is 15hh, and a mid-late teens gelding.  He is sound, sensible and solid at a walk, trot and lope.  He seems to have just been pushed through things without any formal training but with his uncomplicated and willing personality, would likely take to fine tuning very readily.  We love this sweet boy.  An experienced, gentle hand would be his best home.

Community Equine Outreach
of Eastern Washington
A 501c3 Non-Profit,  Charitable Organization