Rizz was supposed to be an Auction Intercept...we lost her to the kill buyers who were so numerous in the audience and far outnumbered private homes.  We aggressively bid, but unfortunately we just didn't have enough in the bank to get this kind and gentle older mare who was ridden through the sale ring by the littlest bug of a child.  Our hearts were broken.  Fast forward to a couple days later when supporters Kim and Jack called our president and said "we want to pay for her to come into your rescue, rehab and rehome program"!  So the intercept happened a bit differently than we intended, but because of the generosity of those who believe in our mission, here she is.  This gentle soul needs some groceries and some good old fashioned TLC before she will be ready for adoption.  If you have a desire to sponsor Rizz while we get her ready for her future, please hit the donate button below.  Sponsorships can be set up monthly, or one time donations are always appreciated too and as always are tax deductible.


UPDATE!  We're sad to announce that our beautiful Rizza has returned to us. She's enjoyed the last few months in her adoptive home but unfortunately she isn't sound enough at the trot to be a therapy horse. We will have her examined by our vet to see what can be done for her, updates will be coming soon. If you're local to the TriCities and interested in fostering this lovely, gentle mare please contact us. We will need someone who is experienced in older horse care.

**UPDATE TO OUR UPDATE! One of the volunteers from the therapeudic riding facility has fallen in love with our Rizza!

A fresh adoption contract has been signed and Rizza is now in her new home.

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