2016 Spring Gelding Clinic Crew
Low Cost Gelding Clinics

We are passionate about our gelding clinics. Gelding is one of the best steps you can take in preventing unwanted horses. With the epidemic of unwanted horses at it's peak, gelding is the sure way to take your part.  We team up with local veterinarians and equine sponsors such as The Unwanted Horse Coalition to offer local, low cost clinics affordable for most anyone.  Contact us for more information. Our next clinic is  in the planning stages for 2017, please check back!!

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Humane Euthanasia Assistance

Slaughter is never an option.  We support the decision to humanely euthanize your equine partner when it is time.  Our program can offer guidance, assistance, resources, or funds in dire situations if available.


Temporary Feed Assistance


We understand that owners can face difficult times and unexpected hardships. Our goal is to help your horse stay happy and healthy at home with you. One time, need based assistance, can be given through this program along with the development of a feed program and assessment.  Please contact us if you or someone you know is in need of help.


Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming


We have limited spots available to bring in horses in need for rehabilitation and rehoming whether that be through law enforcement seizures, owner surrenders, or auctions. We are dedicated to the health and training of these horses and incorporating them into loving forever homes.  All horses are placed in adoptive homes on legal and binding contracts.


Community Equine Outreach
of Eastern Washington
A 501c3 Non-Profit,  Charitable Organization