• Laura Stark, President

Happy July!

Hard to believe it is already July, time passes SO quickly! Katie and I headed to Madras, Oregon last week to pick up two horses we accepted into our program. (4:08 a.m. to be exact!) These two were owned by an elderly couple who just couldn't care for them any longer. Both in beautiful condition but needing vetted and farrier care, they've obviously been well loved their WHOLE lives. Owner relinquishment is such a loving way to ensure your beloved partners will always be cared for, as once they come into our program we are connected for life. We're always so danged busy, the trip went by in a flash with all the visiting Katie and I got to do. The folks were lovely people and although it was an emotional goodbye for them, the girls have settled in and we too are falling in love. (easy to do when you're a horse lover!) Star and Abbey have a farrier appointment today, Junior member Hailey, with Katies help and guidance, gave them their vaccinations and wormed them Monday. They'll be off to Dr. Schoenberg DVM for dentals this week as well. WHEW! Of course, if anyone would like to contribute to their care, we would love to have you join us. I've even created a birthday fundraiser on Facebook to help with their costs, check it out?!

On the road to Madras!

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