• Laura Stark, President

Well Hello There!

Good Grief, talk about lame! It has been over a year, YEAR, since I posted here. Wow! Believe me, we have been busy. We have adopted out 2 of "Christmas Herd" with Stormy and Pilar finding homes, Maggie still needs her hernia surgery but with this weather it has been difficult to get her transported. She continues to be loved by her foster family, and has grown up into a stunning girl! She IS available for adoption )with the upfront knowledge that she has a small hernia that requires surgery). Prism surprised us last spring with a cute colt! He is with her in foster care, and we're hoping that with the snow melting and the sun finally appearing that we can get him gelded and available for adoption, and Prism in to training! Please watch for updates there as he is STUNNING. Serenade is in foster care with a trainer, she has trust issues that unfortunately are taking some time but we have lots of HOPE. We've assisted with courtesy listings, last chance listings, feed and last act of love assistance. We got Charlie back from his adopter in November. He'll be heading to a trainer soon. We received an application for CeeCee today!! We're really hoping that turns out for our sweet old man. He is a TREASURE!

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