• Laura Stark, President

Tough calls and wounded hearts

Rescue is not for the weak hearted. But even the toughest of hearts get wounded. We helped Scarlett cross the bridge to greener pastures Saturday. Although we know it was the right decision, it was a tough call to make, and it hurts. We always want the very best result for our program horses and that means a happy forever home. I have to believe that where she is now is a happy and forever home, and find peace with the comfort that knowledge brings. But honestly, although I am a seasoned rescuer and have a steel resolve I can still feel her warm and quiet body under my hand as we said goodbye and run free, and I still feel the tears well up. I think it's good to feel the pain. When that stops happening, my days of rescue will end. Go hug your critters friends, hug them for the memory of Scarlett, hug them for us. May you run free and buck with the wind Scarlett, you will not be mattered.

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