• Laura Stark, President

Help comes in different shapes and sizes

We formed our organization in 2015 because we saw a need. We were tired of the heartache we felt because of people making poor decisions with their horses, as well as a desire to help those who want to make the right ones with outreach services. We have multiple prongs to our organization, and if you know us at all you know that our low cost gelding clinics and humane euthanasia assistance are high on the list. Do you know that many people don't have a trailer to haul in to our clinics? Nor to have their horse humanely euthanized? We feel we can serve more horses by having a dedicated trailer not only to haul program horses within our own organization, but also to help those in need who would otherwise not get gelded, or those who would suffer in the back pasture until a slow death took them, who can't get to the vet for dental work to restore health, or medical exam to determine quality of life. Our hearts are for horses. Please join us and help raise the funds to purchase this dedicated trailer? When many hands work together, horses win. We have found one for a total cost of $3,200.00. It is not new, not fancy, but completely serviceable for our needs. Our PayPal is set up to receive donations, please direct them as friends and family to avoid fees. Our greatest thanks to those who have already donated to our trailer, and to those who have shared our posts and for those who continuously and vigorously support us every day. We can't do what we do without you.

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