• Laura Stark, President

Heavy Hearts

We have heavy hearts today. Fellow rescuers all over our nation are making valiant efforts to clean up crisis situations after owners who could have made better choices for their horses, failed. From across the country to our own back yards, folks are starving their horses, leaving injured horses behind not caring about the amount of pain their in, or what their futures will hold. For two just today, it meant death. One starved down so bad that all the love and good care in the world couldn't save her. We mourn Fancy and her passing, we are angry knowing that there are good people who want to help...WE want to help. The other, a stallion. Injured and left behind by his owners for the neighbors to find help for. A valiant effort made on his behalf for vet care revealed an injury too far gone to rehabilitate, a difficult decision to be made in setting him free from it.

Folks, both these horses deserved better. Both gentle spirits, willing and stoic, seeking out the attention of their care givers while attempts were made to help them...trusting that even after their owners completely betrayed them the new humans in their lives were there to help.

I am humbled to be amongst those in the trenches this day, every day. Celebrating the victories, mourning the losses. Today we mourn.

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