• Laura

Your application status??

Hi All!

The grulla pony gelding we successfully intercepted at auction October 9th will be going to a new foster home today! A knowledgeable and horse saavy friend of our organization has said she was drawn to him and so filled out a foster application and he is being delivered to her facility today. We look forward to many wonderful updates as he completes his quarantine in her care, and she gets to know who he is. Thank you Sarah!!

Have you filled out YOUR foster home application and agreement? How about your application to adopt? If you are looking for a nice horse to add to your family, fostering is a wonderful place to start. If we already have a generic application to adopt from you, when you fall in love with one of ours you are one step closer to making dreams come true.

Our forms can be downloaded from our website or just send us a message and we will get one sent to you.

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