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No sleeping here folks!

Hey all, it has been awhile since I put thoughts down and I will try to not overwhelm as I try to update what we've been up to.

Oscar has been adopted into a loving home. It was a bit touch and go at first as he acclimated to his new surroundings, but with patience and time he is now a permanent member of a wonderful family who understands his physical and emotional needs (mash food, patience, love). We are so very happy that the long road this boy took in his rehabilitation has finally come to fruition. His exceptional training and fun disposition are going to bring this family much joy.

Nisses has been adopted into his forever home as well. This big old lover boy was adopted into a wonderful, loving home of folks who've been away from horses in their daily lives for a few years. His gentle and loving spirit will fulfill their desires to have nice leisurely rides, and an equine friend to spend days grooming and loving on.

We have successfully placed 8 horses since our formation in late 2015 and we've been so fortunate to receive glowing reports of all of them who are doing so well in their adoptive homes. Why we do this is so evident when the adoptive homes contact us to let us know how much they love the additions to their families, how the dreams they had for the horses have come true.

Our two portable shelters have been ordered and are waiting for pick up in Milton Freewater. We will need to purchase roofing and siding materials for them once we get them home, but we are so excited!

We will be bringing in an owner relinquishment this coming weekend. An owner who has simply gotten in over their head in taking on too many and now facing some health issues. It happens folks and we are not here to judge. This cute little mare will go to our friend Katie at Pasco Kahlotus Ranch for 30 days of training once she has been vetted and ground trained here at home.

We have found a local hay producer that has offered us very good pricing for his beautiful hay, and we are currently hosting a buy a bale of hay fundraiser asking for just $10.00 from each supporter. We hope to be able to buy our winter hay supply soon!!

Our latest adventure was going to the Hermiston Horse Sale held in Oregon last weekend. We were so devastated to see so few private bidders in the stands and instead kill buyers from as far away as Nevada and Idaho. There were 5 total in the stands, nearly outnumbering the private homes. I've attached photos, and these were taken before the "crowd" started thinning out. We bravely raised our hands numerous times for many horses, aggressively bidding specifically against them. We are grateful that many owners said No Sale when the gavel went down, saving their horse from a horrid fate. While we wish we could have saved them all, we ended up bringing three (3) home to our rehabilitation and rehoming program. There were kids horses, ranch horses, broodmare, and young stock, registered and non-registered, of all shapes and sizes. There is another horse sale in Hermiston next weekend, but unfortunately our resources are tapped with these three. We encourage you to attend and intercept, if you need help navigating the process please reach out to us.

Don't forget that our Low Cost Gelding Clinic is coming October 23rd in Benton City!!

SO, there we have it. The last little while of busy busy busy here at CEOEW. If you have a desire to get involved in our shenanigans, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you! Give us a call at 509-222-8994 or message us via our email link here on the website. We believe in "Making a Difference" won't you join us?

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