• Laura

How does it happen?!

Good, usable, sound horses end up on the feedlot waiting for a trip to slaughter ALL the time. What does that mean? Well, it means that a "killbuyer", someone who purposely purchases horses to send to slaughter, has gotten ahold of a horse and it is on their feedlot fattening up waiting for the next truck to haul them to a plant outside the U.S.A. There they will be viciously and mercilessly slaughtered for human consumption abroad. BRUTAL!! We watch facebook and internet sites posting (volunteers go to the feedlots and assess/photograph horses for a second chance) some really wonderful horses in that predicament, and we wonder how does it happen?! How did they end up there?! How can we stop it?! We have been blessed to have been able to help a few horses that landed on the feedlot. This happened because donors bought them from the feedlot owner for us to rehome through our program...and such a blessing for us all! BUT, obtaining horses via the feedlot is not our true mission. Our true mission is to help people make better choices, to facilitate low cost services such as gelding, dental work, farrier care, and humane euthanasia by partnering with professionals. And further to keep horses out of the slaughter pipeline by having an outlet for those who need to rehome via owner relinquishment to our program, or going to auction and intervening there by direct purchase from the consigner. Boom! Obviously we can't save them all. How we wish we could!! However, with your help we CAN save a few. We have very knowledgable horse folks on our team, many of whom have successfully purchased from auctions for years, to go with us and help us decide who to bring into our rehoming program, as well as who may be a case we bring in for the sole purpose of providing them a dignified end. (yes, people do send their old, crippled, blind, starved, sick horses to auction...disgusting and heart wrenching). We need your help. We are only few, and our own pocketbooks strain with the care we personally provide to our rescue. Can we count on you to make a donation for the specific purpose of our attending the October auction held in Hermiston Oregon? Our goal is one to rehab and rehome, and one to provide a dignified crossing of the rainbow bridge. We are estimating a total of $1,200 will be necessary due to the price of horse meat increasing in the last few months. (GROSS) Your tax deductible donations will be held in our "auction fund" in case we aren't successful at this auction, but this is a huge focus for us and we are committed to making it happen. Please join us!! Our PayPal address is please mark it as friends and family to avoid fees. We also accept cash or checks, please call/text Laura at (509)222-8994 to arrange pickup or mailing. Thank you for helping horses in our communities, we can do what we do without you!!

P.S. The horse pictured above is OSCAR as we saw him on the feedlot. He has since been fully rehabbed and adopted into a WONDERFUL home.

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