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Low Cost Gelding Clinic date has been set!

Hey All!

Our Fall Low Cost Gelding Clinic date has been set for October 23rd. In partnership with the Unwanted Horse Coalition and Dr. Menks Mobile Vet, we will be offering castration services for an all time low cost of only $50.00! Dr. Menks, her professional staff, and our volunteers will take great care of your boy while he is here having his procedure!!

Our organization feels so strongly that gelding is one way of reducing the risk to horses ending up in bad places. These risks include overpopulation, unwanted or unplanned foals, behavioral issues due to lack of knowledge by their owners/handlers, hormonal issues, isolation, and so on. We believe gelding your guy gives them a greater chance of being solid citizens in the horse world, and having homes that can handle their futures. Let's face it...not every person should be a stallion owner, and not every stallion should be kept intact!

Our application and informational sheet can be found on our website under "Programs". If you have questions, or are interested in volunteering please give Laura a call @ 509-222-8994.

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