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Weekend Update :)

Our yard sale last weekend was a success!! Not only did we earn enough (almost) for one shelter but we saw a lot of old friends, and made some new ones in the process. I LOVE sharing our mission, no matter where we are, and the captives at our sale were actually fairly receptive. LOL. Seriously though, thank you everyone who came out to support our efforts to raise funds for our shelters, we couldn't do what we do without you! Those who donated, thank you so very, very much for your committment to our cause. An especially hearty thank you to our members Tasha and Kim who worked so hard to make sense of the chaos, to Tasha's parents for letting us trash the neighborhood for the weekend, and to Kim's family for all their muscle. If you wish to make a financial donation to support our second and third shelter, you may do so by clicking the donate button on our website

An update on the horses from the weekend as well...we have several people interested in our special boy Oscar. We hope to find just the right home for him soon so he can settle into his forever home, be surrounded by a loving family and spoiled rotten. If you haven't seen his latest photos (WOWZERS!) check out our facebook page Community Equine Outreach of Eastern Washington. You can also find updated photos of Nisses there, and let me tell you...that boy is stunning. He has a meet and greet tomorrow, and we are hoping they fall as much in love with our sweet guy as we are. Prying him away from Jr. member Hailey could be a challenge, but as all of us that rescue have learned, we have to let them go on to their next chapter so we can save another. Our hearts break and rejoice all at once when one of our fosters is adopted!

So, for now...that is our weekend update! See y'all down the hard and dusty trail.

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