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Gelding Clinic

Our low cost gelding clinic held May 1st was such a success! A total of 12 stallions ranging from 4 months to 10 years were castrated and are well on their way to a new life as a gelding. We did have 2 on the schedule that ended up not fully descended (meaning only one testicle was present) and we will work with those clients to reschedule for the fall. We were again so blessed to be able to partner with Dr. Tanja Menks and her staff, with her clinic site being the perfect location as well. Their hard work, and dedication to our cause, is refreshing and incredible. We can't thank them enough. Our own Kim Anderson was able to put her mad vet tech skills in motion, working side by side with the veterinarian staff. Thank you Kim!! We also need to send a shout out to the National Equine Rescue Network (N.E.R.N.), and to the Unwanted Horse Coalition for believing in our cause, and for sending us grant funding to further assist those who make the noble choice to help reduce the number of unwanted foals by gelding their stallions. Not everyone who owns a stallion should, and geldings are proven to be more highly valued in the resale market. Those who make the choice to geld are also making an investment in the future of their animal!!

Our next clinic will be held in the fall, please watch for our announcement. If you know of someone in need, please steer them our direction.

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