• Laura

Hey Oscar fans!

Oscar fans we have a reason to celebrate! Oscar is nearly up to full weight and is now entering the next phase of his rehabilitation...muscle building and riding (WHAT??! WooHoo!!). Oscar is being moved to our home base for some muscle building and his full riding evaluation this weekend but after Tasha, who is pictured here, rode him for a bit bareback and with only a halter, jr member Hilke couldn't resist jumping on too. Oscar was calm, willing, and it appears extremely well trained with leg cues/neck reining and a quiet demeanor while being ridden. Surprise!! We are overjoyed!! Oscar has been a stellar rehab from the start and we are so blessed to have all his followers sending him good vibes. If you desire to make a contribution to his continued rehabilitation until adoption, please hit the donate button and mark it for Oscar. As always...THANK YOU.

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