• Laura

Thunder, Oscar and Ellie oh my!

Thunder had a wonderful visit recently from a couple who live near Ellensburg. After mutually falling in love, they decided to make him part of their family! So yesterday Kim and Tasha loaded him up and headed out early in the day. After an uneventful trip filled with lots of messaging to the delivery team from an anxious new "mom", Thunder was successfully delivered, settled in and lunch all around for everyone. From there it was off to Selah to pick up Oscar from Kari for a short stay with Kim before coming out to our place for some conditioning. Oscar is a bit sassy now that he is filled out, so we will be working on gaining respect and ground manners. (Meanwhile we will be launching a fundraiser to raise a months professional riding, so feel free to hit our donate button if you would like to contribute to that very important step in his rehabilitation!) Today included Kim heading out to Ellie's foster home to gather her up and bring her in for a bit of the same as She is 4ish now and time to get serious about her training rather than just her adorable antics out on pasture. A huge thank you to her foster mom Michelle for doing such a good job bringing her along to this point, we are so thankful for her efforts and commitment to our cause and Miss Ellie. Watch for updated photos coming soon and as always, thank you for the support you give to our organization to further our cause, and to these very deserving animals. We can't do what we do without you!! :)

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