• Laura

Gelding Clinic May 1st

Last year after our first outreach event, a "Low Cost Gelding Clinic", a horse friend asked me about why mares couldn't come. His interpretation was that we were having a low cost RIDING clinic, but only geldings were welcome. At first I laughed, thinking he was making a joke, but after more discussion and an explanation of what our gelding clinic was...he understood that what we were doing was a CASTRATION event. LOL. Too funny how sometimes our brains get an idea and we forget that there are other interpretations out there. Anyway, we are hosting another low cost CASTRATION aka GELDING clinic on May 1st, 2016. Again we are blessed to be able to partner with Dr. Tanja Menks, setting up at her beautiful facility in Benton City, and relying on her and her expert staff to meet the medical needs for this event. Dr. Menks is a horsewoman herself, as well as an excellent veterinarian so all stallions who visit will be in great hands for their gelding procedure. Dr. Menks can also provide wolf tooth extraction while they are sedated for $10.00 per tooth...which is a pretty great deal. So, tell your friends about our gelding clinic, and send them here for a bit of a chuckle. have a great day all!!

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