• Laura

Nisses who loves kisses...

Nisses, who loves kisses, headed off to see Katie at Pasco Kahlotus Ranch for his 7 day professional riding evaluation on Sunday. She said she may even love him more than her favorite guy Valentino. (what?! How is that possible?!) Nisses is the sweetest guy, gentle and quiet, and Katie knows after just one ride that he is super well trained. Nisses ended up on the feedlot, scheduled to ship to slaughter, and our village bonded together to get he and Valentino out and into our hands. The report on Nisses was that he "has an attitude when you first get on". We suspect his "attitude" may be because nobody ever gave a darn about warming him up properly, or cooling him down afterward...but time will hopefully tell. Then again, maybe not. He is in expert hands right now and we will know more following his evaluation with Katie. What we have known from the beginning is that this big, loving boy didn't deserve where he was headed when we got him but definately deserves where his future lies...loved and cared for...forever.

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