• Laura

Cookie's crossing.

Saturday, March 12th, was truly the guts of rescue reality. We helped our beloved Cookie cross over the rainbow bridge. I am still grieving but wanted to share, mostly because I need to. Cookie was the catalyst that made me finally take the plunge into "official" horse rescue. He was the motivator of my heart to make a difference in the lives of horses that people so casually throw away, the ambassador for what we do and how it is supposed to be. Cookie came to my life as a sanctuary horse only. Used hard and thrown away into the slaughter pipeline by his previous owners, I knew his time with me would be limited due to his severly damaged knee. I made a promise to him, knowing that when the time came I would make his passing peaceful, kind and surrounded by love. Still, his stoic presence, his funny personality, his friendly whinny and his grateful heart were so difficult to let go. I probably prolonged his life longer than I should have, I grew so attached to this gentle soul, but when he finally told me it was was finally and for real. Final arrangements were made quickly, within the week, a short enough time that I couldn't back out...trying to justify why I shouldn't. I am thankful for the kind ministrations of our board veterinarian Dr. Sheila and her assistant Kim. Both compassionate professionals, but also true friends. I am thankful for our Vice President and Co-Founder Tasha, who stood beside me crying as we said goodbye, knowing all that my heart felt. I am thankful for Heilke, the teenage exchange student who is learning so much about our culture, and the realities that come with it. I am thankful we could all be there together, a very fitting tribute to our Cookie. In the months he was with us all that could be done for him was done. He was able to spend his last months on earth living on green pasture through the summer, good feed through the winter, supplements for his achey body, a herd of hussies to call his own, and a family to love him right up until the very end of his life.

You will be so missed Cookie. Run with the wind, restored, until we meet again.

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