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Dr. Sheila comes to visit, and more!!

Lots of exciting things have been happening, first and foremost my husband and I welcomed a new grandchild in late January! (thus this happy grandma's absence from blogging!)

The rescue goings on are exciting as well, Teddy and Oscar both had Dr. Sheila Erickson (pictured above) come for their dentals last week. Oscar had minimal work to be done which is good, but sad in that it confirms that his intake condition was truly due to not getting enough food, period. How anyone can purposely withhold food is beyond my comprehension. Oscar however, continues to improve his rehabilitation and makes everyone fall in love with his sweet, forgiving nature, and will to not only live but to thrive. He is filling out beautifully and should be ready for a riding evaluation soon, and then to the adoption phase. Foster Mom Kari is doing fantastic work with Oscar!

Teddy Bear will see Dr. Sheila again in two months for another evaluation and dental work. At this point in his rehabilitation, he has a good eating surface, no more sharp hooks and should have less discomfort meaning our already adorable, happy boy will be even more lovable. Teddy is finally over his illness and we are currently accepting applications for his adoption. He will be adopted to a companion/pet home only. Who wouldn't want this guy, with his funny personality and wonky face to be a part of their family?! Foster Mom Tasha is completely smitten with him and we will be very, very careful in just the perfect fit!

We were recently contacted by a friend of rescue who's experienced some change of life circumstances. We welcomed Ellie into our program and she is currently with Foster Mom Michelle, getting lots of love and time to settle in before her ground work begins following her quarantine. Ellie is an approximate 4 year old bay pony mare (cuteness!!).

Nisses and Valentino are just about ready to graduate from their quarantine period and we will be partnering with a local trainer to do riding assessments. Once we have the details worked out, we will post updates. Watch for the boys'

transition in to the adoption phase.

Our next community outreach will be on May 1st, 2016. We will again partner with Dr. Tanja Menks and the Unwanted Horse Coalition to provide a low cost gelding (castration) clinic. Watch for details and tell all your friends!

As always, we can't do what we do without you! Come see us at the Franklin County Saddle Club located at 2801 Road 60 in Pasco, Washington on February 27th. We will have tables of tack and horsey decorations for sale to support our efforts. Thank you for your continued support of CEOEW!!

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