Nisses ended up in the slaughter pipeline because he "has an attitude when you first get on".  Well, our experience with him tells us that this very social boy likes company out on the trail (nothing naughty, just very vocal) and if that is his worst, then we will take it all day long.  He is good to catch, groom, trailer, great with his feet, and they are good and hard.  He is willing and sweet to ride, knows all his cues, is very gentle and giving.  I don't know what his former attitude was, but for us it has all been good.  Nisses is a mid-late teens, 16hh+, beautiful gelding.  A home with a confident beginner, who will provide chiropractic adjustments and supplements for his older body in turn should have many years of usefull life filled with love and goodness.

Community Equine Outreach
of Eastern Washington
A 501c3 Non-Profit,  Charitable Organization