"Miss Kitty"

**A sad update.  Miss Kitty wasn't able to combat the damage her neglect caused in her poor little body.  On September 22nd, we made the tough decision to humanely euthanize and release her from the misery of her poor health.  Run free sweet girl, may our tears wash away the memory of those who didn't love you enough.

Miss Kitty was a law enforcement assisted owner surrender that we took on in July.  Found by a deputy severely malnourished, covered in the remains of her matted and retained winter hair in 100 degree heat, and tied to the stump of the tree she had eaten in an effort to survive, he quickly realized she needed help.   We promptly had her vetted and discovered she was in really rough shape.  Severe GI upset, anemic, wormy and dehydrated, she is now on her way to recovery.  

Her foster mom reports that Miss Kitty is likely a POA pony who is between 10-12 years old.  She is gentle but has not had much handling from people.  She is learning that people can be counted on after all.

Miss Kitty requires special dietary needs during her rehabilitation. Please consider donating to this sweet girl's recovery.  We estimate it will take many months for her to fully recover.

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