Angel came into our program last fall. She was a little underweight and in need of some tlc. We received no history on Angel as the folks that relinquished her rescued her along with a 30 yr old appy gelding. We had Angel's teeth floated where our vet aged her to be in her early 20's, she received wormer, hoof care, and shots. During her riding evaluations she knew the basic walk, trot, and lope, but not fancy broke. She was apprehensive and watchy of adults, but kids she's always been drawn to. Angel did phenomenal out on the trails by herself with no spook and all try. We do believe she is either full or part haflinger due to her build. Angel was adopted out and went to an amazing home, unfortunately due to life circumstances they needed to bring her back. She was with them for almost a year and this is what her previous adopter had to say about Angel.

"Overall she has been great.

Good: stands quietly tied, stands to be saddled, picks up her feet when asked, not barn or buddy sour, loves to be groomed and have her hair braided, will take wormer (but she does not like apple flavoring lol). Kisses sound for trot and clucks for lope. Will load in a slant or straight load no issues. We started on learning side passes. Out on the trails or in the arena she has a lot of go at first but after a few minutes she calms down and relaxes. Hobbles fine with no issues.

Bad: she hates water with a passion  hates bathing or being fly sprayed so I’ve always given her a bucket of feed to eat to occupy her while bathing. She will walk off while trying to mount so that has always been a work in progress, but she’s getting better. I do ride her with a martingale to help keep her collected otherwise she tosses her head a lot and still will test you to see what she can get away with lol.

Honestly- she has come so far since I first got her. I can throw Emily up on her and lead her around no problem. Angel needs consistency otherwise she’ll revert back to “leave me alone human” lol

She is a doll around kids and will follow them "

If you're interested in Angel, please fill out an adoption application as she has much interest. Thank you

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