Scarlett was helped across the bridge to greener pastures 4/22/17.  We found after bringing her into our program that she had behavioral issues that had developed over the course of her layoff including striking out, bucking with determination and purpose, random and violent spooking, charging other horses through the fences.  Scarlett was always a bit watchy, and definitely an alpha mare but with the escalation in her aggressiveness we had her vetted.  Ultrasound revealed that she had a massive growth on her right ovary, and it was suspected to be cancerous.  With her age and behavior, we knew after consulting with another veterinarian and 3 professional trainers that a tough call was necessary.  The risk to her health and that of the humans around her too great.  Our own Dr. Sheila gently and with great compassion and professionalism helped her pass this earth surrounded by people who cared about her, safe from the horrors of slaughter and having been loved and cared for by people who only wanted the very best for her the last year of her life. We will always remember this beautiful mare, forever embedded on our hearts, keeping us mindful of why we do what we do...even when it hurts.  Her original write up is below:


Scarlett has quite a story to tell!  Saved from the slaughter pipeline in early 2016 by the nicest lady from Missouri, Sheila invested in her being fostered locally, as well as 120 days training under saddle with Valley Horsemanship. Because her savior wishes to further invest in her future, Scarlett comes to us as an owner relinquishment to our rehoming program.  At 13 years young, 14.2hh and a stunning bay roan, Scarlett has so much to offer an experienced rider who can continue her riding training as well as continue to build a loving and trusting relationship.  We will be sending her to Katie Leverett of Pasco Kahlotus Ranch who we are blessed to partner with on all of our program horses for an additional 30 day tune up as soon as she arrives at our home base.  Katie does amazing work and we are pleased she will be partnering with us again on Scarletts continued education.  Once a solid evaluation and tune up is complete Scarlett will be available for adoption!

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